Narcossist is a self-medicating artist based in New York’s East Village. With art, s/he aims to start a candid conversation about mental health in a society hooked on prescriptions pills and popularity contests. What s/he loves about street art is the medium’s imperfect nature and unpredictable fate – like people. All s/he hopes for is that his/her work makes someone happy for a brief moment, or longer. @narcossist can be contacted at More of his/her work may be spied upon at
Currently, Narcossist is working on a series called ‘Monsters.’ But they’re not mean monsters. They’re nice ones. The only thing they scare – or hurt – is themselves. Some of them may resemble humans, some may appear savage; you may think others come straight from the pits of your deepest, darkest nightmares. But please, don’t be afraid. Their intentions are good. And they respond positively to kindness.
Narcossist_AligatorFood Narcossist_Exodus
Narcossist_PopTheBalloon Narcossist_SeaCreatures
Narcossist_King Narcossist_Kween

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