1st Installation

photography courtesy of: @just_a_spectator

Great_Wall_JULY14th_0077 Great_Wall_JULY14th_0306 Great_Wall_JULY14th_0453
Great_Wall_JULY14th_0547 Great_Wall_JULY14th_0392 Great_Wall_JULY14th_0530
Great_Wall_JULY14th_0515 Great_Wall_JULY14th_0510 Great_Wall_JULY14th_0297
 Great_Wall_JULY14th_0617  Great_Wall_JULY14th_0663  Great_Wall_JULY14th_0162
 Great_Wall_JULY14th_0367  Great_Wall_JULY14th_0361  Great_Wall_JULY14th_0371
Great_Wall_JULY14th_0500 Phoebe_Wall_0264 Great_Wall_JULY14th_0617

2 thoughts on “1st Installation”

  1. Thank you! During tonight’s big storm I came across these artists’ beautiful work along my walk home. I feel so honored to have these pieces in my hood.

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