1st Installation

photography courtesy of: @just_a_spectator

Great_Wall_JULY14th_0077 Great_Wall_JULY14th_0306 Great_Wall_JULY14th_0453
Great_Wall_JULY14th_0547 Great_Wall_JULY14th_0392 Great_Wall_JULY14th_0530
Great_Wall_JULY14th_0515 Great_Wall_JULY14th_0510 Great_Wall_JULY14th_0297
 Great_Wall_JULY14th_0617  Great_Wall_JULY14th_0663  Great_Wall_JULY14th_0162
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Acool55 is a New York street artist.
He has begun wheat pasting his art on the walls of different cities in the US, UK and Italy in the Spring of 2016. He is an environmentalist and an advocate. Most of his street art is meant to carry a message about the environment and different social causes. He was part of the Plastiki expedition. He can be contacted at acool55@outlook.com

The ‘R.I.P.’ Series
This triptych is part of a collection titled: Portraits of Change. The focus is on the lack of clean air, water, dying species and, generally speaking, all the hardships our planet is experiencing.

R.I.P. AIR ©Acool55

R.I.P. BIRDS ©Acool55

R.I.P. PLANET ©Acool55
fresco-wall-0969 The Vote Planet Campaign fresco-wall-0902

Plastic Brides
Also part of the ‘Portraits of Change’ collection, this triptych carries two distinct messages. One is an invitation to re-purpose and recycle our garbage in inventive and creative ways (all materials used in the images are re-purposed). The second message wants to stress that, due to overpopulation and the lack of proper disposal of our garbage, we will end being overwhelmed and suffocated by our own waste.
These images are a collaboration with my friend, artist Monica Coppola. The talent is
Adriena Krzeminska and she donated her time for this project. I’m very grateful to both.

plastic-bride-bean-0017 plastic-bride-eject-w-prt fresco-wall-0885


R.I.P. FISH, Baby Turtle and OCTOPLASTIC
This is a series focused on what happens to life under water, how marine life is under tremendous stress. In 2010 I was part of the PLASTIKI Expedition which I documented from the beginning. We crossed the Pacific and we saw first hand how abysmal the situation was. The other day I took my young son to see ‘Finding Dory’ and I realized that, in his mind, that would be the rosy picture of life under water. It reinforced my decision to work on the reality of marine life.
Baby Turtle is my first G.M.H. Genetically Modified Human. The idea is that we have lost the race to save the planet, hence, we might as well genetically modify humans to adapt to climate change catastrophes.

rip_fish_0247 octopus-v2-cc octopus-vote
poc_fish_water_0029 poc_country_0124 untitled-1