Anna Laurini

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If you take the time to listen to your own creative pulse, one does not need to look too far to find inspiration. Producing art that is profoundly expressive and thought provoking in effect is what Anna Laurini does best. Her abstract pieces peppered with visceral splendor,
her figurative portraits possess a certain signature elegance.

anna-laurini-2 dance gloden-blue-lady-acrylics-on-canvas-90x120cm

Chiefly drawing influence from her experiences in the big city, Anna has acquired a well rounded learning circle from her studies in Milan, New York and London; including the Art Student League Academy and Fashion Institute Tech in New York City, and Central Saint Martins Fine Arts College in London. Arguably so however, much of her creative learning
process can be credited to her everyday personal experiences in these cities. Whether walking the streets or riding buses, the vibrancy is prevalent in much of her work. The fact that her art exudes such a global metropolitan air is testament to her exhibiting and selling commissioned works from Europe to the United States and Australia.



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drsc0 is an artist who is continually curious about what makes us human. He is primarily a charcoal drawer that converts his drawings into posters and paintings. drsc0 also dreams of bringing mountains into our cities.  He typically does not seek permission to publicly display his art work. He resides in Portland, Oregon. 


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Rx Skulls

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Rx Skulls aka Arrex is a adhesively obsessed exterior decorator from Portland Oregon who’s street art revolves around a single skull photo taken in the Natural History Museum in London. The project began its evolution in 2010 after a series of medical hardships and a trip to Europe, exposing Rx to the world of street art in person. Having already dabbled in screen printing, creating stickers and posters from scratch quickly became more of an addiction than a hobby. To this day, six years later, Rx travels the world sharing his skulls, tombstones, poison labels, and plethora of other morbid designs with the masses.


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Megzany is an LA-based street artist working on an international stage to spread positive messages paired with zany imagery. Her affinity for flight and use of dream-like imagery elicits playful inspiration and motivation in anyone who stumbles upon her work. Her art can be found in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Boise, Denver, Chicago, Philly, New York City, Montreal, London, Kraków, Paris — and beyond!


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Images courtesy: @just_a_spectator

WRDSMTH (coming soon!)

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WRDSMTH is a published author, screenwriter, former advertising copywriter, and an emerging street artist. Born and raised in the Midwest, he relocated to LA and started doing time in Hollywood, chasing the dream like countless others. Past and present worlds merged when he came up with the concept for WRDSMTH — a unique combination of stenciling and wheatpasting — and began temporarily tattooing walls in LA with indelible thoughts and phrases.


Active in the street art community since November 2013, he’s made his mark in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Diego, San Francisco, New Orleans, Philadelphia, West Palm Beach, London, Paris, Kraków, Edinburgh, and Melbourne. He’s been featured in Playboy, LA Weekly, LAist, LA Magazine, and The Philadelphia Enquirer. He was named one of The Art of Elsyum’s 2014 Emerging Artists and his work has been sold at Julien’s Auctions, Art Share L.A., Q Art Gallery, The Gabba Gallery, and LabArt.

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Images courtesy: @just_a_spectator